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Locations & Hours

Main Library:                   (Map)
231 S. Plum Street,
Marysville, OH  43040
Phone: (937) 642-1876
Fax: (937) 642-3457

Mon - Thurs 9am - 8pm
Fri 9am - 6pm
Sat 9am - 5pm
Sun 1pm - 5pm

Raymond Branch:             (Map)
21698 Main Street
Raymond, OH  43067
Phone: (937) 246-4795
Fax: (937) 246-2347

Tues - Thurs 11am - 7pm
Fri 11am - 5pm
Sat 10am - 2pm
Sun & Mon Closed


Library Card Registration and Circulation Rules

Adult Registration (18+)
To complete registration, adult patrons must:

  • Be a resident of the State of Ohio 
  • Show valid photo ID with current address or valid photo ID and official mail/checks with correct address.
  • Agree to be responsible for all items checked out on their card and any fines or fees associated with it.

Juvenile Registration (under 18)
To complete registration, parent or legal guardian of the juvenile must meet all requirements for Adult Registration and agree to be responsible for items checked out on their child's card and any fines/fees associated with it.  Only one library account is allowed for each child.  Separated parents cannot create multiple accounts for a child.  A qualified adult who is not the parent/legal guardian (grandparent, foster parent, etc.) may register a juvenile for a card with "key customer" status with limited access.  Juveniles under 18 years of age must have parental permission for Internet access and to borrow DVDs.  Juveniles under 18 may not check out R-rated movies.

Teacher Registration
In addition to a personal card, any teacher in a public, private, or parochial school; nursery school or day care center; or any home school teacher registered with a school district may be issued a teacher card.  To receive a Teacher Card a teacher must meet requirements for Adult Registration and show proof of current active teacher status (Teacher ID, pay stub, home school registration, etc.).  Teacher cards are for professional or classroom materials only.  A teacher card expires annually on Sept. 30 and must then be renewed.

Guest Cards
Visitors who live out of the area may use a temporary Guest Pass for Internet access up to three hours a day.

Authorized Users
Patrons may allow others to access their account and pick up their holds by notifying staff.  Authorized users will be added to their account.

Borrowing Limits

Newly Registered Status (Adults and Minors)
For the first month a newly registered patron will be able to:

    • Have 5 items checked out at any one time
    • Have 5 items on hold at any one time
    • Access library databases and computers, and filtered Internet (for minors with parental permission)

Full or Minor Access Status
After one month, if all fines/fees are under $5.00 and there are no account blocks, patron status will change to Full (Adult) Access or Minor Access which allows:

    • Total of 60 items (includes up to 10 DVDs) checked out at a time
    • Total of 40 items on request at any one time
    • Access to library database and computers, and filtered Internet (for minors with parental permission)

Teacher Status
Teacher cards allow:

    • Total of 60 items (include up to 5 DVDs) checked out at a time
    • Total of 40 items on request at a time
    • Access to library database and computers
    • 30 day grace period on overdue books, 5 day grace period on overdue DVDs and kits
    • Teacher Collection requests

Probation Status
Patrons assigned a probation status are only allowed to have 5 items checked out at any one time

Borrowing Periods

Due Dates

    • 28 days - All books (except Circulating Reference), Big Books, music CDs, and Audiobooks
    • 14 days- Magazines
    • 7 days – Circulating Reference, Kits, all DVDs (except New), DVD sets and Video Games.
    • 4 days – New DVDs (except DVD sets) 


    • Circulating materials can be renewed two times provided they are not requested by another patron.
    • Items may be renewed by phone or through the library's online catalog.
    • Items do not need to be present to renew.
    • If an item is renewed online or phoned in for renewal after midnight on the day it was due, fines are charged automatically.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards
It is the patron's responsibility to report a lost or stolen card.  All fines and fees will otherwise be applied.  To replace a lost or damaged card, patron must show ID and pay $1.00 replacement fee.

Worn Card-There is no charge for replacing cards that are simply worn due to use.

Stolen Card- There is no charge for replacing a stolen card.  Patron must show police report.

Juvenile Card Replacement- Juveniles who do not have a photo ID must have parent show ID to replace card.

Replacement Limit- There is no limit to the number of replacement cards.  Only one card can be active at a time.

Checking-out Without a Library Card- Patrons may check out at a public service desk without their card if they show photo ID. A patron may use a self-checkout station without their card if they know their card number and PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Fines and Fees

‚ÄčAll fines and fees may be paid by cash, check, or by credit card. Credit Card payments are takenin the library, on the library’s website, over the phone and through the express check stations.

3.61 Overdue Fines
DVDs, video games $1.00/day
All other items $.10/day
Maximum overdue fine per item is $10.00
No overdue fines for seniors (60yrs. & older)


Lost Items
Items marked Lost are charged overdue fines, the cost of the item, and a processing fee. If a lost item is returned within 60 days, the cost of the item and processing fee are waived or refunded, but overdue fines will still be charged.

Claimed Returned/Claimed Never Had
Items Claimed Returned or Never Had by a patron will be marked as such and no fines will be charged. The item will remain an active claim on the patron's account until it is returned and checked in. The item will count toward the lifetime limit of 25 total claims whether it is returned or not. A patron will be blocked from checkout after 5 claims and/or after 25 total claims.

Damaged Items
If items are returned damaged beyond repair, patrons will be charged the replacement cost of the item as well as a processing fee and any applicable fines. If items are returned with minor damages, patrons are charged according to Damaged Items Assessment Costs List. If patrons notice that an item is damaged at time of check out, they should notify the library immediately to avoid being charged for the damage.

Processing Fees

    • Audio Books, DVDs, video games, kits- $5.00
    • Books, CDs,- $3.00
    • Paperbacks & magazines- no charge

If a patron paid for a lost item but returns it in good condition within 60 days, the replacement cost and processing fees paid will be refunded.


Restrictions of Borrowing Privileges

Fines of $5.00 or more
If a patron owes $5.00 or more in fines, he or she (and the responsible parents if patron is a minor) will not be allowed to check out materials on any account (including teacher cards, adult cards, and juvenile cards) until the balance is below $5.00.

Minor's fines of $5.00 or more
If a minor owes $5.00 or more in fines, the responsible parent may register for a new card for themselves, but that account will be blocked from use until the minor's fines are paid below $5.00.

Five or More Claimed Returned Items
Patrons will not be able to check out materials if they have more than 5 active Claimed Returned items on their account, or more than 25 Claimed Returned items total.

  Overdue and Fine Notices

    • Reminder Notice- Courtesy reminder email notices are sent 3 days before an item is due.
    • Billing Notice- A billing notice is sent by email or US Mail when fines/fees are over $5.00.
    • First Overdue Notice- Sent by phone or email when an item is 3 days overdue.
    • Second Overdue Notice- Sent by phone or email when an item is 15 days overdue.
    • Third Overdue Notice- Sent by phone or email when an item is 45 days overdue.
    • Over 90 Days Bill- At 90 days, and overdue item is marked Lost and a bill for teh cost of the item and processing fee is mailed.
    • Text Messages- Patrons also have the option of getting text messages for overdue notices.

Collection Agency
In order to protect its investment of public money in library materials and services, the library contracts with Unique Management to retrieve long-overdue materials.  A patron account with total charges of $25.00 or more will be sent to collection after 25 days, and a $10.00, non-refundable service charge will be added to the account.  The collection agency will contact the patron by phone and letter over the following 91 days in hopes of resolving the problem.  At the end of a 120 day period, the collection agency reports accounts that remain delinquent to three major credit agencies.

A patron that has been sent to collection may request to suspend collection activity by returning all late material, agreeing to pay 1/3 of the outstanding balance and continuing frequent payments.  If the total debt has not been paid within 90 days, collection activity will automatically resume on the account.  All regular restrictions will be in place for the patron until the fines are paid to acceptable amounts.


Bankruptcy Filed
When the library is notified that a bankruptcy has been filed, collection and billing activity is suspended on that patron's accounts and on the accounts of any minor children (to the extent that the charges existed prior to the date of the bankruptcy filing) until the library is notified of the outcome.

Discharge of Debts Ordered
If a bankruptcy results in a discharge of debts, all fines, fees, and collection agency charges accrued prior to the date of the discharge are waived in full.  The library may attend the bankruptcy proceedings or petition the court to request any outstanding items be returned by the patron.

Bankruptcy Borrower Restrictions
After debts are waived, all included accounts will then be changed to "Key Customer" status.  Any minors' accounts affected by parents' bankruptcy will be changed to "Full Access" status upon becoming an adult and the notes will be cleared from their record.  Any patron may be returned to "Full Access" status by paying the balance of the account listed in the bankruptcy filing; otherwise, "Key Customer" status will remain in effect permanently.


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